Ever wondered what results you can expect from tattoo removal creams?

We know that the internet is inundated with claims that tattoo removal creams will remove your tattoo. They may be correct to a certain extent – but what are the side effects? And would you be happy to replace your unwanted tattoo with unwanted scarring instead?

Do tattoo removal creams work?

Experts caution against using these ‘miracle creams’ as there is no evidence that tattoo removal creams work. At best, tattoo removal cream might fade or lighten a tattoo.

The tattoo will always remain visible and skin irritation, scarring and other reactions are possible (See picture to the right). At best they are miraculous, but at worse they are a scam.

This picture to the right is from one of our clients who decided to buy this ‘miracle cream’ first before deciding to opt for laser tattoo removal. After 3 applications this client was left with terrible scarring. It has also hyperpigmented her olive skin and the skin is quite damaged and completely distorted.

Why opt for laser tattoo removal?

When ink is tattooed under your skin, the ink particles are too big to be flushed out by your immune
cells, so those particles stay put and the tattoo becomes permanent. Unless those ink particles are made smaller, they are difficult to remove.

Laser is the only device that can shatter those ink particles into smaller molecules so they are easier and faster to be flushed out by our immune cells. The laser initiates the removal of ink particles and your body does the rest. Tattoos closer to the lymph nodes are removed quicker from the body as opposed to tattoos on the extremities. Larger tattoos will also take longer to fade than smaller tattoos but laser tattoo removal is still the safest and best option to remove your unwanted tattoos without risking damage to your skin – the main reason why laser removal is revolutionary.