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Laser Treatments

We are a laser certified clinic in Lower Hutt, Wellington and deliver results-driven skin treatments.

The gallery below

Featuring before and after photos of treatments including laser tattoo removal and photorejuvenation/pigmentation removal.

Results will vary depending on skin tone and size of area treated, but you can typically expect a difference after just one treatment.

The laser used for your tattoo removal is a State of the Art Quanta Q-switched laser from Italy which emits multiple wavelengths to treat almost any type of colour or pigment. You can read more about the laser used here.


Before and After Tattoo Removal

After 7 Treatments

After 6 Treatments

After 2 Treatments
After 4 Treatments

Before and After Results From Candela GentleLase Pro


Before and After Sun Spot & Red Vein Removal

All after 1 treatment.


Before and After Nail Fungus Removal

After 4 months.


Before and After Juvederm Volume dermal filler for midface rejuvenation.


Before and After Botox 

We used 8 units of Botox into the Mentalis muscle (chin) for muscle release and a more pronounced drop of the chin.


Before and After Cryotherapy and our Candela Medical Grade Laser. 

Non cancerous Seborrheic Keratosis lesion removed both with Cryotherapy and our Candela Medical Grade Laser. 

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