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Tired of unsightly hair, continuous waxing, shaving, ingrown hairs and skin irritations?

Our specialty is laser treatments. We have a no-nonsense approach to laser hair removal, treating unwanted hair growth in men and woman.

The efficacy of laser hair removal is now generally accepted in the dermatology community and widely practiced in clinics.

Our Candela GentleLase Pro laser is one of the fastest of all laser types. It is ideal for people with all skin tones and hair colours and is one of the most widely used hair removal lasers.

The laser is also known to be very effective on finer, thinner hair, such as the face, where other lasers and IPL machines are not.

What are the advantages?

Permanent laser hair removal. The Candela GentleLase Pro laser has an excellent skin penetration rate and its 2 wavelengths are highly absorbed by melanin and/or oxyhemoglobin (for darker skin tones) This causes the hair to die, loosen from the follicle and then shed. People with darker skin tones may need a few extra sessions.

Hair grows in several phases (anagen, telogen and catagen) and a laser can only affect the currently active growing hair follicles (early anagen). Hence, several sessions are needed to kill hair in all phases of growth.

Usually a course of six to eight treatments every six weeks will permanently remove unwanted hair. This may vary from person to person depending on your skin type, coarseness in hair, reason of hirsutism and sex. Certain areas (notably men’s faces) may require considerably more treatments to achieve desired results.

Laser does not work well on light-coloured hair, red hair, grey hair or white hair.

If you are unsure whether you may be the right candidate for laser hair removal you can book a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced laser technicians.


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Candela GentleLase Pro

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Offering you the best in laser treatments
We are proud to be working with Candela, the largest supplier for medical grade lasers for hair, pigment and vascular lesion removal in Australia. The advanced technology and improved capabilities of the Gentle Pro Series make it the laser of choice for precise, non-invasive treatments. It delivers among the highest peak power and unparalleled treatment efficacy.

Safety – epidermal cooling
We are trained and experienced and are able to offer you cooling most suitable for your treatment: Air cooling, which offers a comfortable cooling sensation on the area that’s being treated, or cryogen cooling (DCD), which will spray a burst of cooling gas onto the area that’s being treated almost simultaneously with the delivery of the laser pulse.


permanent hair removal in 4 to 8 consecutive treatments

Treatments over 4 to 5 weeks for the face, every 6 to 8 weeks for the body

No sun exposure, self tanning lotions or spray tanning for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment

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