Our Technology

Laser for laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal

A medical-grade laser for permanent hair removal and more…

Quanta Q-Plus * 2, is a Medical Grade Class 4 laserperforming light skin hair removal, skin treatments, tattoo removal and so much more.  Add the most popular treatment (hair removal) along side the fastest growing treatment (tattoo removal)

Our Alexandrite laser beam light is highly absorbed by the pigment we have in our hair. This causes the hair to heat up (selective photothermolysis) and travels down the follicle to where the hair is actively growing at the root. This causes the hair to die off, loosening from the follicle and then starts to shed.  This removal process has been proven to be highly effective, safe and a fast way of removing unwanted hair (and stops it from growing back)
A course is usually between 6 to 8 treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

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